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Trade Show Samples
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If you plan to give away food and beverage to Retailers that IS NOT provided by the Sands Food & Beverage Dept, there are State of Nevada Health Department permits and requirements that must be met.

IPCPR will assist with these forms and filings on your behalf, but you must complete the electronic form/signature below, and the SES Sampling Form and return by fax to 706-494-1893 by close of business Wednesday July 9.

You must agree to follow the below guidelines:


Requirements for Hand Sinks

* Any product that is not pre packaged & open to the public *
(Example: samples on toothpicks, salsa, uncovered beverages, etc) that the exhibitor is passing out Must have a hand sink (with flowing water, soap and paper towels) nearby within a reasonable distance, and sanitizer bucket and towel.

*Vendors can bring their own hand sink unit or the Sands can supply one for a fee*

*Additional hand sinks requirements;
*Product is not pre-packaged prior to coming to the Sands
*Being touched with hands w/ or w/out gloves

Requirements for Sanitation Buckets
A sanitizer bucket with Quat sanitizer (ammonium) or Bleach (chlorine) and a clean towel must be present in the booth. The sanitizer is for wiping counters, utensils. This is to eliminate any bacteria. If you need this service (sanitizer bucket), The Sands Service Center can supply this for a $25.00 charge.

Anytime an exhibitor is passing out food items a sanitizer has to be present. This is to ensure the proper health regulations are being followed. The vendors can bring this item or order from the Sands. Please see above

Additional Requirements for booth sanitizer
*pre-packaged product being handed out by hand
*table that is being used to hold product

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