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Tobacconist University
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Tobacconist University
(TU) is the independent academic institution that educates, certifies, and promotes retail tobacconists. TU provides free education for consumers, tobacconists, and society through their websites, colleges, and academic curriculum.


The TU Vision is to build and project the credibility of the luxury tobacco industry in order to gain cultural acceptance around the world – preserving luxury tobacco for generations to come.

The TU Mission:

-        Research, learn and teach in order to educate, certify, and promote the most knowledgeable and honorable tobacconists and consumers

-        Provide resources for tobacconists to leverage for their customers and businesses

-        Build credibility, culture, and community for tobacconists and consumers

-        Be the epicenter of cigar, pipe, and tobacco education

As the IPCPR's Official Curriculum Resource for Professional Tobacconists, TU will certify all IPCPR retail members for free: a $1000 value, per person.  IPCPR retail members qualify for unlimited Certified Retail Tobacconist (CRT) certifications and receive other benefits, including:

    •    Lapel Pin & Diplomas
    •    Professional Designation, CRT & Use of TU Certified Medallion
    •    Certified Tobacconist Listings & Promotion on TU Website
    •    CRT Certify Consumers (CCT) for profit
    •    Exclusive Access to TU Certified Products for profit
    •    Access to TU Certified Events and more…  

TU exists to support and promote retail tobacconists. You can leverage the free education, products, tools, and credibility of TU for your own success in endless ways. Ultimately, the value and credibility of TU will only be as great as the tobacconists who use it. So please, get involved and help us build a more prosperous and hopeful future.

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